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Lexicon MPX1 Multi-effects Processor

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Opis proizvoda

The MPX 1 Multi-Effects Processor fulfills the promise implied by the term "multi-effects." When summoned to do their best reverb, most single DSP multieffect processors run out of gas — you don't get additional effects.

Tehničke specifikacije proizvoda

  • Multi-effects and Lexicon quality reverb without compromising sound quality
  • Intuitive user interface - edits the way you speak (i.e. press EDIT then REVERB...)
  • Built-in help: Hold down any button and it tells you what is going on
  • Balanced Analog I/O (1/4" & XLR)
  • 56 effect algorithms
  • The most comprehensive modulation section we have ever devised: two LFOs, 2 AR Generators, S&H Generator, a random number generator, input level as a modulation source for expressiveness and more
  • Digital Inputs & Outputs (S/PDIF @ 44.1KHz) 24-Bit A/D/A Conversion
  • 32-bit internal processing (depending on active FX blocks)
  • Discrete Stereo or Dual Mono Processing
  • >90dB of Dynamic Range
  • Multiple DSP Architecture
  • Up to 5 Simultaneous stereo effects routable in any configuration, with individual mix and gain for each effect
  • Intelligent Sorting features: Sort by Name, Number, Application (i.e. vocals, live sound, guitar etc.), Effect (i.e. chorus, parametric EQ, Pitch Shifting etc.) or Last 10 presets loaded (in case you forgot- we thought of everything)
  • A/B "Soft Switch" assignable as continuous controller (controls Patching, etc.)
  • Parameter Morphing
  • Dynamic MIDI™ patching & MIDI automation
  • Dynamic Patching™
  • Unique Tempo Modes including Tap-Tempo, MIDI clock control (with MPX-1 as slave or master device)
  • MIDI Arpeggiator