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  • Ibanez GSR180-BK električna bas gitara

    Ibanez GSR180-BK električna bas gitara

    IBANEZ GSR 180 bas gitara, definitivno najbolji instrument u svojoj klasi - odnosa cene kvaliteta i same izrade...... odličan ton, napravite prve korake na dobrom instrumentu!

    24.450,00 din.
  • Ibanez GSR180-BS električna bas gitara

    Ibanez GSR180-BS električna bas gitara

    Godinama Ibanez proizvodi kvalitetne bas gitare za pocetnike, GSR 180 je bas takva gitara.Laka za sviranje , preciznog tona , odlicne izrade.Cena ovog instrumenta opravdava sve ponudjeno od Ibaneza.

    24.450,00 din.
  • Ibanez GSR200B-WNF bas gitara

    Ibanez GSR200B-WNF bas gitara

    Ibanez GSR200B Bas gitara sa potpuno novim izgledom koji osvaja.Debeo i precizan ton koji odlikuje GSR 200 seriju daje Vam zadovoljstvo pri sviranju.Ibanez GSR200B-WNF izuzetan instrument .

    29.760,00 din.
  • Ibanez GSR205-WNF električna bas gitara

    Ibanez GSR205-WNF električna bas gitara

    Jedna od najpovoljnijih petožičanih bas gitara. Vrlo tanak i svirljiv vrat za jedan petožičani bas. Sadrži pasivnu elektroniku sa dva magneta i dve odvojene kontrole za svaki od njih.

    35.712,00 din.
  • Ibanez GSR200-BK električna bas gitara

    Ibanez GSR200-BK električna bas gitara

    Ovaj popularni model Ibanez GSR 200 aktivne bas gitare nadogradjen je sa Ibanez PHAT II bass boostom za deblji ton i više snage.Hibridna Precision-Jazz bass postavka magneta omogućava pravljenje različitih tonova i snalaženje u skoro svakoj situaciji.

    30.500,00 din.
  • Ibanez SR300-IPT električna bas gitara

    Ibanez SR300-IPT električna bas gitara

    Ako želite specifikaciju profesionalnog basa u početničkoj ceni, Ibanez SR300 je pravi izbor. Aktivna elektronika na telu od agatisa, petodelni vrat od javora i ružinog drveta, grif platno od ružinog drveta, prelepi kosmos crni finiš.24 praga na veoma brzom vratu. Bas poseduje i B120 bridge koji omogućava izuzetno laku zamenu žica, čak i onih veoma debelih.

    36.775,00 din.
  • Ibanez  GWB35FD-BKF električna bas gitara

    Ibanez GWB35FD-BKF električna bas gitara

    The Ibanez GWB35FD-BKF Gary Willis Signature was tailored to the popular composer and bass teacher. The fivefold ladder has a finger-ramp, which is immediately noticeable, which makes playing easier. In addition, an equalizer is installed for full sound diversity, with each cut and boost for bass and treble. The limited model has mechanics, which the artist himself has developed.

    828 €
  • Ibanez ANB1006 električna bas gitara

    Ibanez ANB1006 električna bas gitara

    Adam Nitti, one of the true bass masters has finally joined the Ibanez signature artist family. His signature series kicks off in 2015 with one six-stringed model - the super versatile ANB1006. This blue-clad juggernaut comes with neck-through construction, passive Bartolini pickups & electronics, and standard 34" scale. Body of ANB1006 is made of swamp ash wings and five-piece maple/purple heart neck in the middle. Figured maple cap is on the top. Body, back of the neck and the entire headstock are painted in transparent blue color with gloss finish. Black hardware and dark brown fingerboard blend in very nicely. Big, six-saddled Hipshot bridge sits on top, keeping the tuning and intonation in perfect check (instead of the standard 19, space between the strings measures 18mm). In front of it, ANB1006 features a pair of passive Bartolini soapbar pickups with ceramic magnets. Also passive, 3-band Bartolini preamp is installed along with them. Controls unit also features the master volume, balance and the three-way mid frequency switch. Maple/purple heart neck is fast, wide and very slim. On its top, a 24-fret purple heart fingerboard is installed. Jumbo-sized frets, abalone oval inlays and 2.16" TUSQ nut comprise the fingerboard.

    6763 €
  • Ibanez BTB33-NTF električna bas gitara

    Ibanez BTB33-NTF električna bas gitara

    Designed for players looking to explore the upper region of the fretboard, the BTB33 is a 5-string bass tuned from E to C. Excellent for playing chords and soloing up by a 33 scale neck. This 5-piece Maple/Bubinga Medium Scale neck helps to create the proper tension and tonal quality for the C string without compromising the deep tone of the E string. It also facilitates faster playing and easier chording. Another innovative feature of the BTB33 is the inclusion of a height adjustable Rosewood Finger Ramp. The ramp prevents players from digging in too hard when plucking finger-style and encourages a lighter playing technique, which helps promote a broader dynamic range and better tone. It also acts as a thumb rest that provides access to a wider plucking area, allowing players to explore more tonal options by varying the distance of their hand from the bridge. The BTB33 includes a Mahogany with an Ash top, the neck sports a Rosewood fingerboard with Abalone inlays and a Mono-Rail V bridge provides optimum adjustment for superior intonation. Electronics feature the excellent tone of Bartolini BH1-5 pickups through an Ibanez 3-band EQ with a mid frequency selector switch for advanced tone control.

    906 €
  • Ibanez BTB685SC-NTF električna bas gitara

    Ibanez BTB685SC-NTF električna bas gitara

    Endless sustain may be the most over used catch-phrase in the bass business, but curb the cynicism: The BTB Terra Firma (BTB685SCNTF) gets you as close to that physically impossible objective as youre ever going to get without electronic gimmickry. But sustain is only half the story. A longer 35" scale ensures plenty of tension on those 5th and 6th strings. Thru-neck design, Bartolini BH1 pickups, and the unique approach of the Mono-Rail II bridgewhich isolates each string as if it had its own separate mini-bridgecome together to deliver sonic richness throughout the instruments frequency range. The Ibanez EQIIIS 3-band EQ with mid-frequency switching, ensures youll easily find the tonal sweet-spot you need in any given musical situation.

    944 €

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