Gitarska pojačala Laney 1 - 10 od 37

  • Laney LX12 gitarsko pojačalo

    Laney LX12 gitarsko pojačalo

    Laney LX12 je vise od pojacala za vezbu.Metalna gril mreza i zvucnik od 6,5 incha daju cist clean ton i distorziju po zelji.3 band ekvilajzer i ulaz za slusalice .Cena prihvatljiva , ton odlican .......

  • Laney LV300T gitarsko pojačalo

    Laney LV300T gitarsko pojačalo

    LV Laney Valve for the Laney LV300TWIN 120 watt power, loaded with dual 12" Celestion Super 65 drivers, 3 channels, 1 Clean and 2 Drive channels, and Laney valve tone from a ECC83 preamp valve in a 22 kgs combo.

    50.025,00 din.
  • Laney CUB12R pojačalo za električnu gitaru sa reverbom

    Laney CUB12R pojačalo za električnu gitaru sa reverbom

    Malo lampaško pojačalo snage 15W, sa HH zvučnikom od 12" i reverbom. Poseduje tri cevi ECC83 u predpojačanju, i dve EL84 cevi u pojačanju. Odličan "vintage" ton!

    47.335,00 din.
  • Laney LG12 gitarsko pojačalo

    Laney LG12 gitarsko pojačalo

    Laney LG12 je savršeno pojačalo za vežbu. Poseduje zvučnik od 6", CD ulaz, clean i crunch kanale, tro-pojasni EQ. Snaga 10W.

  • Laney LG20R gitarsko pojačalo

    Laney LG20R gitarsko pojačalo

    Laney LG20R je pojačalo snage 15W sa 8" zvučnikom. Kabinet odlične konstrukcije sa kožnom ručicom i gumenim nožicama. Idealno pojačalo za kućno vežbanje.

  • Laney LV200 gitarsko pojačalo

    Laney LV200 gitarsko pojačalo

    Ništa ne može zameniti zvuk lampe. Laney LV200 poseduje ECC83 lampu u predpojačanju. Pojačalo snage 65W, za zvučnikom od 12", i tri kanala. Odlično pojačalo za žive nastupe.

  • Laney LV412A gitarska kutija

    Laney LV412A gitarska kutija

    The LV412 cabinet is the ideal speaker enclosure for use with the LV range of Laney amplification. You're able to drive 200 watts into the 4x12" Celestion Rocket 50's, and this particular cab is wired for 8 ohms. The LV412A has an angled front.

  • Laney GS212PE, gitarska kutija 2x12

    Laney GS212PE, gitarska kutija 2x12"

    The Laney GS212IE straight baffle guitar speaker cab 160-watt with 2 x 12-inch Celestion Seventy 80 drivers is optimized for use with the Laney GH50L guitar head amp with strong, tight midrange and a pleasing lift in the higher frequencies. Portable and durable, made from high-grade plywood with top mounted grip handles.

  • Laney IRT112, gitarska kutija, 1x12

    Laney IRT112, gitarska kutija, 1x12"

    Designed to compliment the new IRT models sonic output, the IRT112 is a compact great sounding 1 × 12” extension cabinet, fitted with ergonomic side grab handles and light enough to be carried from gig to gig with no strain.

  • Laney IRT-Studio, gitarska glava

    Laney IRT-Studio, gitarska glava

    Featuring the same great IRONHEART tones as the bigger heads but in a low wattage studio package with some neat features added. Most of us agree that we’d love to record in a situation where making a lot of noise was not an problem but in most cases we’re recording in our home studios and making a lot of noise is not always an option. So the IRONHEART IRT-STUDIO has a couple of features designed specifically to allow you to get a great tone whether you are recording in the studio or recording live.

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