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  • Audio-technica M3 bežični in-ear monitor system

    Audio-technica M3 bežični in-ear monitor system

    Audio-Technica's advanced M3 IEM system offers a full range of professional in-ear monitoring features, with a choice of 1321 UHF channels and easy-to-read LCD information displays on both transmitter and receiver for setting preferences.

    cena: 800 €

  • AKG Hearo 787 surround

    AKG Hearo 787 surround

    Going to the movies now means cuddling up on your sofa and putting on your favorite DVD. All you need is a hearo – no extra decoder, no extra loudspeakers, no extra cables. You will hear details you’ve never heard before.

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  • AKG K506 AFC

    AKG K506 AFC

    The K 506 AFC may be an extremely comfortable wireless headphone with a striking design, but it will also satisfy the most sophisticated ear..

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  • AKG K920 AFC

    AKG K920 AFC

    Integrated function. Innovative styling. Looking for headphones that sound as fantastic as they look? The k 920 afc is an all-round system for TV as well as rock and pop music.

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  • AKG K940 AFC UHF

    AKG K940 AFC UHF

    The k 940 afc not only looks different from its lightweight counterparts, it provides an even higher level of quality. XXL speakers with patented AKG Varimotion diaphragms deliver a powerful, sweeping sound with excellent imaging and accuracy..

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