Boss DD-500 digitalna delay pedala
  • Boss DD-500 digitalna delay pedala
  • Boss DD-500 digitalna delay pedala
  • Boss DD-500 digitalna delay pedala
  • Boss DD-500 digitalna delay pedala

Boss DD-500 digitalna delay pedala

proizvođač: Boss

Filovan novom Boss tehnologijom, DD-500 je najmoćniji i najversatilniji dilej ikada sa studijskim kvalitetom zvuka, grafičkim displejem, patch memorijama, MIDI konekcijom. Od bazičnog eha do tonski identičnih klasičnih dilejeva , teksture koje se mogu proizvesti će biti prve koje ste ikada čuli a vaša muzika lansirana na nova mesta.

cena: 360 €

Dodatna pitanja

info telefoni: 011/334-56-17, 011/3340-749, 063/586-473


32-bit/96kHz processing delivers studio-level sound
Unlimited creative possibilities with 12 distinctive delay modes
Customizable control settings for unrivaled real-time expression
Graphic display for easy-to-follow operation while performing and editing
Onboard patch memories for storing your favorite effect configurations
Phrase looper for creating mind-blowing layered performances
Selectable buffered or true-bypass operation
Power supply not included


With the DD-500’s 12 delay modes, you can create any delay sound you can imagine, and then some. Everything you need is here, from warm, gritty vintage delays and tape echo to complex modern delay lines that employ pitch shifting, filtering, and other unique processing. With the hands-on knobs, it’s easy to shape essential parameters and create great sounds immediately. Each delay type also includes a semi-parametric four-band EQ, modulation, ducking, and many other parameters, allowing you to dive deep and refine tones with maximum precision.

  • DD-500 Delay Modes

    •Standard—Clear digital delay.
    •Analog—Emulates classic analog “BBD” delays like the BOSS DM series.
    •Tape—Emulates the warm sound of tape-based delay units, including the Maestro Echoplex and legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo.
    •Vintage Digital—Emulations of early digital delays from the 1980s, including Roland’s famous SDE-2000 and SDE-3000 rack units and the BOSS DD-2, the original stompbox digital delay.
    •Dual—Two different delay lines that can be connected in series or parallel.
    •Pattern—Sixteen different delay lines that can be set independently for all types of unique rhythmic effects.
    •Reverse—Backwards delay for cool psychedelic effects and other unique tones.
    •SFX—“Special effects” delay with a highly unique sound character.
    •Shimmer—Pitch-shifted delays for lush, heavenly textures.
    •Filter—Delay with a sweeping filter.
    •Slow Attack—Ethereal delays that fade in with playing dynamics.
    •Tera Echo—Spacious, animated ambience effect derived from the innovative BOSS TE-2 pedal.

    *The product names mentioned in this web page are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. In this page, these names are used because it is the most practical way of describing the sounds that are simulated.

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