AKG CS 5 IRR7 infrared risiver
  • AKG CS 5 IRR7 infrared risiver

AKG CS 5 IRR7 infrared risiver

proizvođač: AKG

Infrared receiver Rugged infrared receiver for up to seven selectable channels, for use with headphones, e.g., AKG K 77. Operates for more than 12 hours per battery charge. For technical specifications please refer to the user manual, see below.


cena: 489 $

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info telefoni: 011/334-56-17, 011/3340-749, 063/586-473


The CS 5 IRR7 shall reproduce the floor channel and 6 translated languages. It shall have a 3,5mm stereo jack to connect any stereo headphone, a volume potentiometer and an easy selector switch. It shall have a built in NiMh rechargeable battery to supply the unit for up to 13 hours operation time. The unit shall switch off automatically when loosing the signal to save power. It shall be rechargeable with charging contacts on the housing.

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