Roland S-OPT Optical Converter
  • Roland S-OPT Optical Converter

Roland S-OPT Optical Converter

proizvođač: Roland

The S-OPT is a REAC optical converter that converts RSS Digital Snake System REAC signals to and from optical signals for long distance digital audio transmission.

cena: 340 €

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info telefoni: 011/334-56-17, 011/3340-749, 063/586-473


ConnectorsOPTICAL Port (Dual LC,OpticalCon type) x 1
REAC Port (RJ-45,EtherCon type) x 1
POWER LINK Port (mini-DIN 8-pin type) x 1
IndicatorsREAC ACTIVE Indicator: Green x 1
REAC CONNECTION Indicator: Green x 1
OPTICAL ACTIVE Indicator: Orange x 1
OPTICAL CONNECTION Indicator: Orange x 1
POWER EXT Indicator: Blue x 1
POWER INT Indicator: Blue x 1
Power SupplyAC 115 V,AC 117 V,AC 220 V,AC 230 V,AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption10 W
Operation Temperature 0 to +40 degrees centigrade
+32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit
AccessoriesPower Cord x 1
REAC Cable (5m) x 1
REAC Connector Cover x 1
Rubber Foot x 4
Screw Set x 1
Owner’s Manual
OptionsREAC Cable (100m): SC-W100S
Rack Mount Adaptor: BOSS RAD-50
Optical Cable: Neutrik NKO2M-xxx (*1),NKO4MY-xxx (*1) (*2)
Optical Cord: Two-core multimode,50/125 micrometer core diameter optical fibers cord with a Dual LC connector (standard LC-Duplex connector IEC 61754-20) (*2)
(*1) The cable model number is determined by specifications such as the cable length. Contact Neutrik for further details. Optical Fiber cables are separately available from NEUTRIK. Visit for local distribution.
(*2) The maximum length of Optical Cable or Optical Cord is up to 2 kilometers.
Size and Weight
Width 218 mm 8-5/8 inches
Depth 240 mm 9-1/2 inches
Height 46 mm 1-7/8 inches
Weight 1.3 kg 2 lbs. 14 oz.

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