Ibanez AS93-VLS Hollowbody električna gitara

Ibanez AS93-VLS Hollowbody električna gitara

proizvođač: Ibanez

With the Ibanez Artcore AS93 full-hollowbody electric guitar you get an amazingly affordable price plus the quality and tone you expect from Ibanez, the guitar company with over four decades of experience making full and semi-acoustic guitars.


cena: 80.985,00 din.

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Neck3pc Artcore DX set-in neck
NeckTypeArtcore Set-In
BodyFlamed Maple top/back/sides
FretsLarge frets
FingerboardBound Rosewood
InlayArtcore DX
BridgeART1 bridge
NeckPUACH1 neck pu
MiddlePUACH2 bridge pu
WidthMax width at lower bout: 15 7/8"
BodyThicknessMax body thickness: 2 5/8"

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  • Ibanez S520-WK električna gitara

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    The Ibanez S520-WK is a solid body electric guitar finished in Weathered Black. This S Series Model is super comfortable to play and features a high build quality. It is also supremely play-able. The Wizard III neck just screams speed! Ibanez Guitars are know for their high quality of build. The Ibanez S520-WK is no different. You are getting a lot for your money here. The Weathered Black black finish looks great on this electric guitar. The body has been shaped from mahogany. A classic tone-wood. Bolted on to the body is a rather sleek Wizard III Neck. This has been crafted from three pieces of maple. It has been fitted with a 400 mm radius fretboard. Perfect for easy playing low string action. The neck's very trim proportions are also comfortable for many. Pearl Dot markers have been inlaid in an offset position. This will help you find your way up the neck of the Ibanez S520

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  • Ibanez S520-BBS električna gitara

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    The Ibanez S520-BBS in Blackberry Sunburst is a solid body electric guitar with a tremolo. Excellent value for money this is a brilliant rock guitar. The S Series instruments are supremely comfortable to play. This solid body electric guitar plays like a dream. This is thanks to a super slim Wizard III maple neck. Built from three pieces of maple it has been fitted with a rosewood fretboard. The 400 mm radius is perfect string bending. You can get the action nice and low without choking notes when you go for extreme bends. The Ibanez S520-BBS has a slender mahogany body. The wood grain can be seen through the Blackberry Sunburst finish. The S Series are very comfortable to play. Sitting or standing the body of this electric guitar fits like a glove.

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    Made of mahogany, just like the classics, the AR325 Artist's symmetrical double-cutaway body style was a first in the production guitar world. But Ibanez's biggest leap forward will continue to be appreciated by today's player: the tri-tone switching system-a unique configuration that opens up the number of pickup/tone possibilities. But no matter what the setting, the Super 58s pack this axe with rich tonal palette. Gorgeous old school pearl/abalone block inlays make for a path back to one of rock's most dynamic chapters. Case sold separately.

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  • Ibanez AF75TDG-IV Hollowbody električna gitara

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    The Ibanez AF75TDG-IV is a gorgeous hollowbody guitar from the Artcore Series. This versatile electric guitar boasts an ivory finish, body and neck binding, Ibanez ACH pickups, and a vintage-style vibrato..

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    The Ibanez AR420 is a simply stunning guitar, full of character and charm, featuring a beautiful arched flame maple top, partnered perfectly with gold hardware, adding waves of class and distinction to this charming instrument. Not only does this look superb, it sounds incredible, enhancing its rich, vintage characteristics and natural sustain of the mahogany body. This gives you, the player, a much more powerful sound boasting clarity and projection, oozing with tonal variations from warmth and soulfulness to more aggressive and punchy sound when paired with a gritty amplifier. Each of Super 58 Custom humbuckers on the AR420 have a Tri-sound switch, giving you full control. Just decide between series, parallel, and coil-tap preferences. Offering an impressive range of tone and variety, you'll love discovering new sounds and exploring how each configuration offers something new, aiding your creativity.

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  • Ibanez RGIB6-BK električna gitara

    Ibanez RGIB6-BK električna gitara

    Modded and tweaked with the heaviest of metal in mind. This creature of the deep features a Basswood body, bound rosewood fingerboard with Jumbo frets, Gibraltar Standard II bridge, and most importantly, a 28 scale Nitro Wizard Baritone neck for full, rich tone and solid intonation. Electronics include the EMG 60 pickup for a classic-thick, buttery tone, and the searing high end of an EMG 81 for fluid sustain and superior articulation. Comes factory tuned as B, F#, D, A, E, B with string gauges 14 to 46. With a high gloss black finish and Cosmo Black hardware, this muscle guitar will add a new dimension of low-end sonic punch to any repitoire.

    cena: 95.148,00 din.

  • Ibanez RG721RW-CNF električna gitara

    Ibanez RG721RW-CNF električna gitara

    RG serija gitara je i dalje najprepoznatljiviji oblik iz Ibanez kuće.Odlične performanse, mogućnost sviranja različitih žanrova, prelep izgled, stavljaju ove instrumente na mesto bez ili sa jako malo konkurencije.

    cena: 99.010,00 din.

  • Ibanez JS100BK Joe Satriani električna gitara

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    Ibanez JS100 elektricna gitara Signature model gitarskog maestra Joe SatrianiJA.Telo basswood, vrat javor, Edge III floyd rose sistem, Axis AH1 i AH2 magneti(za neck i bridge poziciju), coil split. Ništa sem vrhunskih tonova ne izlazi iz ovog instrumenta.JS signature model koji je najduže u proizvodnji, sa razlogom.

    cena: 68.999,00 din. stara cena: 74.900,00

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