LANEY Prism P35 gitarsko pojačalo

LANEY Prism P35 gitarsko pojačalo

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P35Power RMS 30 Watts
Channels 4 User Channels
Equalisation Bass, Middle and Treble
Boost Switch Adjustable Boost
Footswitch FS1 (boost - not included), FS2 (channel scroll and select - not included)
Speaker connections No
Drivers Custom Designed 10"
Effects Multi FX
Headphone Socket Yes
Tuner Output Socket No (built in tuner)
CD Input 3.5mm stereo jack
Weight 11 Kg
Dimensions Width 406mm x Height 401mm x Depth 256mm
Where to?Back to the P35
See the P20 / P65


The 35-watt Laney P35 is the mid-member of the new Laney Prism range of digital modelling combo amplifiers, but apart from the reduced power output, the Laney P35 combo shares the features of it's larger Prism cousins.

The Laney Prism P35 combo amplifier can be used in one of two modes, Hero or Live mode. Hero Mode contains eleven factory pre-set combinations of amp and effects set ups from clean to extreme. These settings can not be overwritten but can be temporarily edited and then stored into the four channels. The Amp settings include an acoustic amp, a solid state 2x12 Jazz Chorus combo, a classic tweed 4x10 valve combo, a 30-watt 2x12 single channel valve combo, a 5-watt single ended Class-A twin 1x12 combo, a Master Volume head and 4x12 cab, a hot rodded master volume head and 4x12 cab, a hi gain signature head and 4x12 cab, a classic boutique head, a hi gain modern all vale head and vintage 30 loaded 4x12 cab, and an ultra hi gain metal head and 4x12 cab. Boost button applies a gain boost at the front of the preamplifier similar to a foot pedal boost. The amount of boost can be adjusted and stored to each AMP sound

In Live Mode the Laney P35 combo's front panel controls determine the sound of the amplifier, as on a convention amp, but with the cool feature of Channel Mode where each of the four channels are factory programmed with a Cool sound that can be edited or replaced with a sound of your own design. All settings are retained after power down so none of your new sounds are ever lost.

The Laney P35 combo contains 11 multi-effects combinations. Each effects selection is fully editable with all the key parameters accessible by the TAP and EDIT control functions and combinations of the TAP, A, B & bypass buttons.

The Laney Prism P35 outputs 35-watts RMS output into a 10-inch Custom Driver. Additional features include an onboard tuner with auto mute, extension speaker output, a phones / record out socket and the FS2 and FS1 footswitch sockets. FS1 For Boost - FS2 For Channel Scroll / Select. The top of the Laney Prism P35 is finished off with a very stylish moulded handle.

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