Vox AD30VT-XL gitarsko pojačalo

Vox AD30VT-XL gitarsko pojačalo

proizvođač: Vox

Kombo gitarsko pojačalo VOX Valvetronix AD30VT-XL (polu lampaško), 12 inch-a VOX zvučnik, modeling amp (ima simulacije i sve efekte), 30 wati...

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info telefoni: 011/334-56-17, 011/3340-749, 063/586-473


30w snage,
11 simulacija pojačala saVox "Valve-Reaktor" algoritmom,
11 efekataauto wah
11 fabričkih preseta,
2 user preseta,
2 kanala,
1x 12" zvučnik,
linijski izlaz,
izlaz za slušalice,
dimenzije483 x 456 x 224mm,
footswitch - opcija.


TheXL Series AD30VT-XL   VFS2 Footswitch

VOX Valvetronix XL line is an exciting new range of tube-powered modelling amplifiers that delivers the power and punch that modern rock players require, with a selection of hi-gain sounds that span the entire range of heavy rock music.

Starting with a wealth of great amp models from the acclaimed “VT” or “Chrome” series, these sounds have been modified for the hi-gain player. The VOX engineering team practically threw out the rule book in voicing the new XL range, modding EQs, hot-rodding gain levels, and even switching the model of a historically Class AB hi-gain head to Class A. The result is an amplifier range that delivers VOX’s hottest hard rock and metal sounds to date; all of them based on legendary amps. Here too are all the features that make the entire VT series sound and feel great: Valve Reactor technology, high-quality effects, and adjustable output wattage.

Valve Reactor technology.
The XL-series uses VOX’s patented Valve Reactor technology, featuring a power amp circuit that contains a 12AX7 (ECC83) dual triode vacuum tube (valve), normally used in a preamp, and a dummy speaker circuit that simulates the varying impedance of a real speaker. This produces the true sound and feel of a bonafide all-tube amp.

Eleven amp sounds.
Sophisticated modelling technology is used to provide eleven different amps, including classic vintage amps of the past, costly, modern high-end amps and high-gain hybrids, all accessible at the turn of a knob. These new models include Glass, modelled on the Clean channel of a collectable 100-Watt head named the Overdrive Special; Funked, modeled on a classic American black-faced 2x12 combo; Buzzsaw, inspired by the British-made 50-Watt head that created the sounds of ‘70s hard rock and metal; Crunched, based on a very rare modded VOX AC30/6TBX Top Boost combo, adding new hot-rodded gain levels and EQ; Thrashed, modelled on a 1983, all tube, single channel, master volume 100-Watt head; Raged, based on the high gain channel of a modern, all-tube 100 Watter, with boosted bass and mid frequencies and even more gain; Modern, a still higher gain modification to the “Modern High Gain” channel, with scooped EQ; Fluid, the UK Modern setting with maximum gain and mid-range EQ, modified to emphasize a vocal-like tone for legato-style playing; Molten, based on VOX’s US Hi-Gain model but capable of even more powerful, heavily saturated sounds, with an Octave effect mixed into the preset; Black, a version of the UK Modern mutated to Class A, rather than Class AB; and Damaged, rooted in VOX’s US Hi-Gain model with more gain and a completely re-voiced and modified EQ to be thicker and darker.

Modern Effects
Eleven high-quality effects are built in, including compressor, delay, reverb, compressor & chorus, compressor & phaser, chorus & delay, chorus & reverb, flanger & reverb, tremolo & reverb, and rotary & reverb, plus Noise Reduction. New for the XL series is an Octave effect for massive lead tones. Effect parameters are fully adjustable and a Tap button makes it easy to set your delay time or modulation speed.

Store amp and effect settings
Store your favourite amp and effect settings as a program, containing two different settings (CH1 and CH2). Switch between these settings from the top panel, or by using the optional VFS2 foot switch connected to the rear panel. In addition, there is a preset program for each amp type.

Manual mode
In Manual mode the sound you hear reflects the physical settings of the knobs.
You’re in control. Connect an optional VFS2 dual foot switch (sold separately) to switch programs or bypass effects. A power level control (not available on AD15VT-XL) adjusts the output wattage of the power amp. This means that even when the master volume is turned up all the way to drive the Valve Reactor power amp, you can adjust the volume without losing any tone.


  • Number of amp types: 11
  • Number of effects: 11
  • Noise reduction: 1
  • Number of programs: 11 preset, 2 channel
  • Input/output jacks: Top panel: 1 x INPUT, Rear panel: 1 x FOOT SW jack,
    1 x LINE/PHONE jack (AD50VT2-XL/AD100VT-XL only) EXTERNAL SPEAKER OUT jack x 1 (AD100VT-XL only) LOOP SEND jack x1, LOOP RETURN jack x 1
  • Power amp output:
    AD15VT-XL: maximum 15W RMS @ 8 ohms
    AD30VT-XL: maximum 30W RMS @ 8 ohms
    AD50VT2-XL: maximum 50W RMS @ 8 ohms
    AD100VT-XL: maximum 100W RMS @ 8 ohms
  • Speaker:
    AD15VT-XL: 1 x VOX original (10 inch 8 ohm)
    AD30VT-XL: 1 x VOX original (12 inch 8 ohm)
    AD50VT2-XL: VOX original (12 inch, 16 ohm) x 2
    AD100VT-XL: VOX original (12 inch, 16 ohm) x 2
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
    AD15VT-XL: 428 x 224 x 430 (mm)/16.85" x 8.82" x 16.93" (inches)
    AD30VT-XL: 456 x 224 x 483 (mm)/17.95" x 8.82" x 19.02" (inches)
    AD50VT-XL: 673 x 265 x 485 (mm)/26.50" x 10.43" x 19.95" (inches)
    AD100VT-XL: 684 x 268 x 553 (mm)/26.93" x 10.55" x 21.77" (inches)
  • Weight
    AD15VT-XL: 11kg/24.25lbs
    AD30VT-XL: 13.5kg/29.75lbs
    AD50VT2-XL: 23kg/50.7lbs
    AD100VT-XL: 28kg/61.75lbs
  • Options (sold separately): VFS2 dual foot switch

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