Peavey ValveKing Royal 8 gitarsko pojačalo

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8 gitarsko pojačalo

proizvođač: Peavey

The ValveKing Royal 8 čista A klasa gitarsko pojačalo dizajnirano za davanje prave dinamike gitaristi i tona koji inspiriše. Potpuni lampaš!

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This true Class A amp uses EL84/6BQ5 output tube and one 12AX7/ECCC83 preamp tube with no negative feedback in the power amp
5 watts into 8 ohms
Gain and master volume
Tone control
8 inch speaker
High and low gain inputs
Weight9.6 kg
Width406 mm
Depth210 mm
Height336 mm


Perfect for rehearsing, the Royal 8 features a simple interface of a single tone control, dual inputs and master volume and gain controls that can be adjusted for either class A \"breakup\" power-amp tones-achieved by reducing the gain and increasing the master volume-or preamp distortion, which players can access by reducing the master volume and cranking the gain. This single-channel design emphasizes the dynamic relationship of the power-amp components to produce volume and headroom that belies its small size and wattage.

ValveKingRoyal 8 front panel:


This input is used for most electric guitars. It is 10 dB louder than Low Gain input.


This input is provided for instruments that have extremely high outputs, which can result in overdriving (distorting) the High Gain input. If both inputs are used simultaneously, the levels are the same (both are Low Gain).


This knob controls the input volume level. Set this control to the maximum level of desired preamp distortion and use the volume control on your guitar to achieve cleaner tones.


This knob is a passive tone control that regulates the amplifiers frequency response.


This knob controls the output volume level and the amount of available power amp distortion.


This standard 1/4\" output jack allows you to connect standard headphones to the ValveKing Royal 8. When headphones are connected to the ValveKing Royal 8‚ the speaker is automatically turned off.


This pilot illuminates when AC power is being supplied to the amp.


To apply power to the unit, flip the switch to the \"ON\" position.

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