Marshall 2061CX Handwired ugaona zvučna kutija (Made In England)
  • Marshall 2061CX Handwired ugaona zvučna kutija (Made In England)
  • Marshall 2061CX Handwired ugaona zvučna kutija (Made In England)

Marshall 2061CX Handwired ugaona zvučna kutija (Made In England)

proizvođač: Marshall

Marshall has reissued this hand soldered, 60 Watt, 2x12 in. angled cabinet that matches the 2061X. It\'s loaded with re-issue 30 Watt Celestion G12H-30 speakers.

cena: 526 €


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Cabinet TypeAngled
Output (RMS)60 Watt
Speaker TypeG12H-30
Speaker Configuration2 x 12\"
Impedance8 Ohm
Designed to partner the Handwired 2061X 20-watt head
Salt and Pepper (a.k.a. Grey Basket Weave) grille cloth
Metal Handles
High-grade, Baltic birch cabinet with finger-locked joints
Made in England
Dimensions643 x 643 x 300 mm
Weight24 kg



2061CX 2X12 Cabinet

The 2061CX is a 2x12\", 60 Watt, extension speaker cabinet designed for use with the 2061X head. The two Celestion G12H-30 speakers deliver warmth and full vintage tone. The speakers are handwired to the mono jack connector using heavy grade wire and the large sized cabinet is built to our traditional high standards. Used in conjunction with the 2061X 20W head, the sound is amongst the richest and complex in the whole Marshall catalogue.

The first units chosen for handwired re-issue are amongst the most recorded amplifiers ever made and for many artists represent the ultimate in guitar tone. During development these amplifiers have received unparalleled attention from \'artists in the know\'. The Marshall team of designers has gone to enormous lengths to seek out and/or reproduce all of the original components and materials used, as well as revisiting the original methods of construction employed in the 1960s and \'70s. Production techniques at Marshall factory have been honed and in particular the handwired matrix boards can truly boast the tag \'point-to-point perfection\'. Their primary objective has been to achieve maximum authenticity in terms of components, circuitry, constructional methods, materials, specifications, aesthetics,   2061X 18 watt head   signal path, performance, tonal characteristics and feel. The 2061CX  cabinet     engineers were delighted to say that their suppliers were equally as exacting in their tasks - none more so than Dagnall Transformers and Celestion Speakers. The main characteristic that all these amps share is their simplicity of operation and superb natural valve tone. Achieving the beautifully organic and vibrant tone, which is the trademark of these models, can only be done in one way - crank \'em up! The result is sweetly distorted, harmonically rich, thick, musical tones resulting from the power valves being overdriven.

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