Roland AR-200R Audio Recorder

Roland AR-200R Audio Recorder

proizvođač: Roland

The AR-200R Audio Recorder are half rack space digital audio recorder/players designed for any application requiring high fidelity pre-recorded announcements and control using GPI contact closures.

cena: 640 €


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info telefoni: 011/334-56-17, 011/3340-749, 063/586-473


Industry standard for reliable stereo/dual mono playback with no moving parts - 1,000\'s in use for many years playing back audio 24/7.
24bit/48kHz audio phrases and up to 130 hours of high quality RDAC coding - Industry leader in sound quality and long phrase playback times.
Flexible External Control Functions and Sophisticated Internal Playlists - The AR-200R is the industry leader in flexible control options. It’s easy to configure phrase playback for any application. For more detailed information see the AR Series Feature Chart
External Audio Ducks during Phrase Playback to User Selectable Level - Great way to integrate messages with background music.
Phrase Features include Equalization and Cross-Fade Looping - Important features for sound effects playback in themed environments.
Time code sync and sample accurate playback up to 64 channels - Reliable and cost effective way to play back multi-channel audio with no moving parts. Easy and inexpensive way to sync to video or show control using an AR-3000 as a master.
MIDI File Recording and Playback - Great for show and lighting control management
Free Playlist Editing and .WAV file Conversion Software - Convenient way to load an AR with computer-produced audio and configure playlists and control options.
Uses inexpensive Compact Flash memory - Cost effective storage for hours of recording and playback time with no moving parts using Compact Flash cards.

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