Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal (Low Z)

Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal (Low Z)

proizvođač: Boss

Control anything from effects to violin volume. The low-impedance FV-50L is designed for connection after effects units for use with effect.

cena: 60 €

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ConnectorsInput x 2
Output x 2
Tuner Out
Width86 mm 3-7/16 inches
Depth200 mm 7-7/8 inches
Height54 mm 2-1/8 inches
Weight0.4 kg 0 lbs. 15 oz.


The FV-50L/50H are volume pedals that can be used for a variety of purposes from distortion control of effects units to a violin volume control. The high-impedance FV-50H is designed to be connected before guitar effect units in the signal chain. High-frequency roll-off is minimised, and the best possible guitar sound is obtained. Use the low-impedance FV-50L when you want your volume pedal to be connected after effect units or used for keyboards.
  • Special 2-in/2-out design enables direct control of stereo keyboards and stereo effects units.
  • Minimum Volume knob lets you set minimum volume at any level you desire.
  • Convenient Tuner Out jack enables speedy tuning on stage.

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