Soundcraft GB4 32 mikseta
  •  Soundcraft GB4 32 mikseta
  •  Soundcraft GB4 32 mikseta

Soundcraft GB4 32 mikseta

proizvođač: Soundcraft

The GB4 does have some unique mechanical features. The rugged steel chassis has a sloping rear connector panel so that it is easier to configure from the front of the desk, while the integral power supply has a link option for an external back-up PSU.

cena: 3060 $

Garancija 2 godine!

Dodatna pitanja

info telefoni: 011/334-56-17, 011/3340-749, 063/586-473


32 channel frame sizes
15 busses
2 full feature stereo channels
2 stereo returns
8 Aux sends (4 are pre/post switchable)
4 sub groups (SWAP with Auxes 1-4)
7x4 output matrix
Record output with limiter
GB30 mic preamp and precision equalisation circuitry
Direct outputs on every channel
Talkback facility
100mm faders
Switchable 48V phantom powering on every channel
18dB/octave high pass filter
4 mute groups
12-segment LED metering


With dual-mode topology derived from Soundcraft’s acclaimed MH Series, the GB8 and GB4 consoles provide ideal live sound mixing solutions for medium-sized venues including clubs, theatres and houses of worship.With a single button press on the GB4 (4-bus), any of the first four Aux master controls can be swapped with the respectively numbered Group fader, providing the flexibility to work at FOH, Monitors, or perform both duties simultaneously.


The GB4 has L/C/R and eight Aux busses in addition to its four groups and, like the GB8, there are four mute groups and an output matrix for creating zoned mixes.


Like all GB series mixers, the GB4 uses GB30 mic preamps which use local linearisation techniques rather than global feedback to deliver an extremely open frequency response and excellent phase linearity. The GB30 EQ borrows the innovative designs developed for the Soundcraft MH4 console, providing GB users with the benefits of genuine high-end equalisation. And thanks to a meticulous ‘ground-up’ approach to circuit and mechanical design, the GB Series exhibits class-leading noise performance and channel isolation figures.

When it comes to recording a performance, the GB4 & GB8 are similarly well equipped with pre-/post-fader switchable direct outputs on every channel and a high-quality limiter on dedicated record outputs fed from the L-R mix bus.

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